Art & Alzheimer’s: An interview with Patricia Utermohlen

About: Created by Urban Times in conjunction with GV Art, over a series of talks held during GV Art’s exhibition ‘Trauma’ between December 2011 and February 2012. This video recorded the debate with… Continue reading

Thomas Cole, The Voyage of Life: Old Age, 1842

Nicholas Roerich, People (Old Man), 1913

Nicholas Roerich, People (Old Man), 1913. Bakhtussian State Central Theater, Moscow, Russia.

A Better Old Age: U Mich Public Health Magazine Theme

Originally posted on As Our Parents Age:
Check out this magazine issue. The other day when I picked up a copy of Findings, the alumni magazine of the University of Michigan School of…

Archibald John Motley, Jr (American Harlem Renaissance painter, 1891-1981)

        Sources Edward M. Gomez, ‘Archibald J. Motley, Jr.’s Paintings: Modern Art Shaped by Precision, Candor, and Soul’ (March 09, 2014), Hyperallergic  It’s About Time (art blog maintained by Barbara Wells… Continue reading

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, Two Old Men Eating, 1820 – 1823


Artists over 50: better late than ever? | The Guardian (01 Sept. 2014)

As a new exhibition of late-period Turners opens at Tate Britain, curator Sam Smiles asks if it’s time art outgrew its obsession with age.  

Johannes Matthaeus Koelz, Heads of Two Old People, 1930

Fyodor Andreevich Bronnikov (Russian painter, 1827-1902): Portraits of old age

You Become Better with Age | Artnews (20 May 2013)

  Artists who are going strong at 80 and up find that old age offers freedom, self-assurance, and room to explore