Art & Alzheimer’s: An interview with Patricia Utermohlen

About: Created by Urban Times in conjunction with GV Art, over a series of talks held during GV Art’s exhibition ‘Trauma’ between December 2011 and February 2012. This video recorded the debate with Patricia Utermohlen discussing her late husband William Utermohlen’s work. It records his decline through Alzheimer’s and how this is recorded though his paintings and drawings.

In January 2012, Urban Times and GV Art collaborated on the Trauma series which explored the tale of scientific traumas via art and received coverage by the likes of Wired, New Scientist, Gizmodo and Monocle Radio. The highlight of the first event was a talk by art historian Patricia Utermohlen, who explained what it was like to be married to the brilliant late artist William Utermohlen as he slowly deteriorated under the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. In this video, Patricia guides us through a selection of his vast body of works beginning in the 1960′s and culminating in the childlike water colours and laboured sketched of his final years. (Urban Times)


Walter Utermohlen, Self Portraits (after diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease)